Monday, January 18, 2010

Howard County, Maryland is First U.S. Jurisdiction To Ban Teens From Tanning Beds

The complexion of teens in Howard County has begun to change, for the healthier. Howard County is the first U.S. Jurisdiction to ban those under age 18 from tanning beds. It so happens that this important advocacy effort has a surprising new leader. Ken  Ulman, Howard County Executive, is also the brother of Doug Ulman, Livestrong CEO! See the following articles:

We invite you to join this effort to encourage community and government leaders to remove this cancer danger from our communities. Tanning beds do not serve any useful role other than to provide profits for those who own and operate the services. Start the conversation with anyone who will listen – family, friends, civic leaders, and others that will eventually make it easier to pass bans for tanning beds. The World Health Organization classified tanning beds in its top risk category for a reason. It will take courage for our community leaders across the country to adopt the same measures as Howard County. We think that taking up this important conversation is the first step.
Will you join our conversation?  Thank you and welcome!


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